Jul 27, 2007

Fed Up!

So, meg ordered her LSAT books. they came by Fed Ex and required a signature in person, of course no one was there. day two.. same thing.. they happened to come in the 30 minute window megs sister wasnt home.

so i went to their site to get the number for the local Fed Ex pick up place.. which is not far down the road from me. first, they have a "find a location" link but they dont list the phone numbers for ANY of the locations. so i thought well, i'll see how late they are open and maybe just go down there and they dont even list any of the locations hours.
they have the addresses but no hours, or phone numbers to call them to get the hours. oh fucking convinient! whats the fucking point of having a Location search?

so i call the 1-800 number and its a recorded system... "for this say that for this say that, for more say more options". so i say "MORE OPTIONS" ... did you say "pick up a package?" "no" "you said 'no'. ok please say your request now" "more options!" ... "did you say more options?" "YES" "ok, more options... for this say that for this say that" ......none of the options were "i want to pick up my shit because i couldnt be here to get it twice" and at the very end .. they say "for a representitive say "representitive"

ugh. so i finally get through to a person (i found out later that all i had to do was say "representitive" at the beginning) so i tell her my situation and then ask if i can go get it in Pacheco (one near me) .. i give her the tracking # and she looks it up.. "you'd be picking it up in Benicia if they cant deliver on the 3rd attempt" BENICIA? thats hecka far .. and a $4 bridge toll away. i ask her why it wouldnt be at the pacheco location and she said because its "ground" or whatever. ugh.. so now i have to go to fucking benicia.. "can i pick it up tonite what are their hours?" she says.. theres no way she can tell if its still on a truck or not.. OK then.. can i call Benicia and ask them? she says i cant call benicia but she can for me. also she has to call them to get their hours
becasue the hours arent listed in her system. wtf is that about? its not like i'm trying to call the CIA or something.

just give me a god damn phone number so i dont have to sit here and listen to you play phone tag! so finally, i get their hours and she puts the package on hold for me so they dont try to deliver it again. then in order to get the package meg has to be physically present to sign for it with a valid ID. which is lame because if they dropped it off at the house ANYONE there can sign for it.

and yes before you say anything, the logical thing would have been for her to have it sent to her office. but her sister is usually there.

it was just a huge fiasco for some damn books. it was mostly the lack of info they have on their site and the runaround... and the lack of info the 800 operator had at hand.

thanks a lot FedEx (aka Homeland Security)

PS: anne hathaway is pretty hot. i never thought so really. thanks google image search!

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