Jul 24, 2007

Hey assface!

I almost ran over someone the other day. Was I driving erratically? maybe, but not that bad. I was in the left lane of a 2 lane road with a 35 mph speed limit and some douche was driving 20 in the fast lane. What part of "slower traffic merge right" do these people not understand? One slow ass can fuck up a whole day of commuting for everyone on the road behind them. No one can pass them because they are going as fast as the slow lanes. It's like a fucking slow-race. It drives me nuts. Anyway, back to my near-brush with vehicular manslaughter. I got frustrated and passed the log jam on the right and while Ii was in passing speed some fuck hole decides to exercise his pedestrian right-of-way. I had to swerve hella fast and brake to miss him.

There was a crosswalk there but no real intersection so i wasn't expecting there to be people crossing. Now, i know all about the pedestrian right-of-way. in that... they always have it. but seriously there should be some asterisks next to that. I know if you hit someone, its automatically your fault because you should be watching ahead of you and leaving stopping room and bla bla bla... but what if some jerk walks out into moving traffic?

the asterisks should say *the pedestrian has the right of way, especially in a cross walk but its the pedestrians responsibility to make sure that the road is clear to cross safely. actually it probably does say that somewhere. I'm too lazy to look. But in all honesty we shouldnt need "hey asshole don't be retarded" as a printed law. I blame lawyers and people that cant read or pay attention. oh yeah i remember faintly about being told to "LOOK BOTH WAYS" which makes me even more pissed because if they arent just retarded they are arrogant to think that cars going 45 can stop within 5 feet of them because they have the right of way

speaking of retards. Lindsay Lohan, just out of rehab and on parole with tracking anklet which apparently can read her blood alcohol level went on a cocaine induced drunk driving spree and got busted while trying to race someone. WAY TO GO ASSFACE!!

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I concur completely!