Jul 27, 2007

fake graffiti

hey shit faces. here's some pictures.

WTF is PREM? and why would i eat it? sounds like food they'd have on Mars.

ahh, road rage!

my loser graffiti name. like i'd ever have the nuts to tag it on something tho. free cyber back rub for whoever can read what it says. no cheating

my lunch was very phallic yesterday. WANG!!

i think i caught her spirit as it left her body.

i was at the mall and had made a joke about "going to get an orange julius" in reference to the Jim Gaffigan stand up bit about there not being Orange Julius's anymore. then as i was roaming the mall, I stumbled upon this. lol.. i'd never even seen and Orange Julius before.. for the record its not that great.

this poor kid. he was having his kidbucks cofffee and his dad ( i guess?) was sitting there fidgeting with some i-gadget with headphones in totally ignoring him.see how he's looking at me like he wants me to save him. I see stuff like this all the time and wonder if they are being kidnapped or something. maybe i should have said something. whatever.


ok there you go Friday.


Anonymous said...

Gas3r or gaser..... that was way dope. more than i could ever do.

word verification: hotmvrsb = hot movers b as apose to hot movers a

Anonymous said...

when i use to tag aka write i would take other people leters and turn them upside down and find new leters in the shapes and then buld and whole alfabet off one style you make me wanna tag.