Jul 3, 2007

look who's famous again!

that's right.. East Bay Express did another interview with me. This time about my upcoming art show at Shakey Hand Gallery with Bryan Blanco and Garret Bock.
From East Bay Express

He's Still All Boy
Artist Kirk Shelton blows Jessica Simpson’s cover.
By Rachel Swan
Machine guns and Lamborghinis provided early inspiration for Martinez sketchbook artist Kirk Shelton, who says he started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Around fourth or fifth grade he fell in love with skateboard graphics like skulls and eyeballs, and drew them with a fervor he later applied to heavy metal regalia - more intricate skulls with thicker outlines, along with severed limbs and things getting blown up and stuff. Now thirty, Shelton has designs on professional painting. His drawings have gotten a lot more ambitious, though most of them haven't lost his characteristic sass - the rather cryptic caricature Jessica Simpson Is a Man came from a cover of a celebrity gossip rag. In the drawing she has a grotesque, aquiline nose and pronounced chin cleft, and looks a little like a noble bald eagle. "I was trying to exaggerate her manly features," Shelton says, pointing out the obvious. He still draws plenty of eyeballs.

Shelton's newest work is in Boys Will Be Boys, which also features pieces by Bryan Blanco and Garret Bock. The show's marquee features graphics from all three: Bock's GI Joe character with a thought bubble imagining all the pretty, bikini-clad groupies he'll have if he comes home in one piece; Blanco's cartoon sketch of three boys in animal costumes; and Shelton's Garbage Pail Kid-style drawing of a guy tearing the head off a little girl's Barbie. Shelton says he's not exactly sure if doll decapitation is a common practice for boys. "I think it was taken from my girlfriend," the artist admits. "Her older sister used to torment her by destroying all her Barbie dolls." Through August 13 at Martinez' Shakey Hand Gallery. ShakeyHandGallery.com

July 13, 6-8 p.m.
hell's yea. i hate getting quoted because its always out of context. or maybe i just really do sound like an asshole.

you should come.