Jul 6, 2007

oops i crapped my pants

its friday but for some reason it feels like tuesday. I get to set up my art show tonite. funz
here's some lame photos.

because you ghetto mother fuckers cant not stab someone for one night a year.
way to go oakland!

this is wee me at weeworld.com

suzisuzu goes to heaven

this shirt doesnt say it but the font implies a .."fuck yea"

you ever wonder where all those white trash people get their retarded america shirts?
Longs in martinez has them. as well as truck stops across this great nation of ours.
what the fuck is this shirt? lol

they have pet gravestones at Navalet's Nursery

Benicia used to be the state capital before the governor realised BENICIA SUCKS A DICK!
this and many other Martinez Ca. wearables available at cafepress.com/mtz

these are my new bandmates
Dustin and Jesse
we tried out a bass player last night but he was gay.

ok fuck off now. this heat is killing me.


Unknown said...

yay, I love the band photos...

Anonymous said...

i miss dustin.... :( i feel home sick seening him be a goof with his guitar...