Jul 16, 2007


this is driving me nuts. i know its a stupid marketing thing but its really making me crazy looking for clues. since the Lost Experience I havent been so e-obsessed.

here's the story in a nut shell. before Transformers theres a trailer for a movie. looks like a typical NY gets blowed up destruction movie but from the perspective of some douchey hipster 20 somethings home video camera. theres no title, just JJ Abrams name and production company Bad Robot. who also does LOST, which i'm obsessed with already, and a release date. 1-18-08.

<-- watch so, next cryptic www.1-18-08.com pops up and if you go you might see 3 photos. it started with one. seem to be stills from the trailer. a guy in the pic has a "slusho" shirt. which led vidiots like me to www.slusho.jp.
look how RANDOM this shit is. the "History" of this fake drink from japan is nuts. reads like a Godzilla plot.

a letter from JJ Abrams made it clear that there were more "official" sites but we havent found any thing new yet. its driving me nuts. I and many others have picked apart the slusho site and cant find any clues.

for more info and to get your head effed google "cloverfield" and/or "1-18-08" and/or "slusho"

I started geeking on this like a week and half ago and it made VH1's "best week ever" the other night.

this crap is sweeping the nation.

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