Jul 30, 2007


Lost? what? that show doesn't air again till Feb. you ask? well to whet the appetites of Lost junkies like myself the creators of Lost showed a sneak peak of some more orientation footage at last weeks Comicon convention in San Diego.

If you were paying attention you'd remember the Swan orientation film with its host, "Dr. Marvin CANDLE" and then the Pearl orientation video with host" Mark WICKman" and now the newest leaked film from a previously unknown station "The Orchid" orientation video. with what seems to be outtakes with yet another familiar face, this time named "Dr. Edgar HalloWAX" (are you picking up on a theme in the names? sounds like another station we know of "the FLAME")

the video mentions the casimer effect which is described as;
"If electromagnetism was supersymmetric there would be fermionic photinos whose contribution would exactly cancel that of the photons and there would be no Casimir effect. The fact that the Casimir effect exists shows that if supersymmetry exists in nature it must be a broken symmetry"

crazy stuff. Lost! yay!

also if any of you were following the Cloverfield stuff, slusho.jp and 1-18-08.com have been updated.

slusho.jp - all links work now.
*the store link takes you to a page that sells shirts and hats.
*the flavors link takes you to some kind of flavor transformer robot game. along with chocolate and banana theres some flavors i've never heard of.
*the happy talk link takes you to a page that seems (in my opinion) to display quotes from satoshi emails.

*the crab on the history page is clickable and has different facial expressions. and the purple blob is now thinking of a hammer. so, hammer, oven mitt, cheese. very odd. there may be more since i only had a brief second to check it out.

1-18-08.com - theres a new pic that was taken even earlier than the first one. from the party. now when you click to move one pic it seems to make all of them move.

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