Jul 30, 2008

"assjuice recipe" and other keyword searches that ended up here.

remember that post i did about the body found at the skate park? Well, for some reason its like my most popular posting. There must be something in it that people search for. I have a feeling most of them are accidental clicks from Google.

Anyway I started checking my stats and found some interesting info regarding what people search for to end up on the sloppy mind noggins..

here's my top 10 keywords.
  1. bella roma pizza
  2. no name fired alice radio
  3. bella roma pizza martinez
  4. sarah and no name fired
  5. alice radio no name fired
  6. french
  7. gnar juice
  8. in -n- out secret menu
  9. kirks sloppy mind noggins
  10. no name alice radio fired

So I guess the labels are working. I got a lot of visitors searching for things related to my name or the blog name. Also a bunch of Bella Roma and and Sara and No name searches. Handful of "cast" related searches tooAfter that it gets kind of strange.

Here's a few stand outs.
I found several searches for stuff like "how do you say mandarina in english". I guess I am not the only one confused by that.

someone searched "old sac candy". While I know what they meant.. it could be interpreted another way. Judging by the searches I found, they might have meant the latter.

There were few of these: "kirt's brain noggins". It's my curse.

Some genius searched for "alfabetul graffiti". Alphabetizing might be hard for someone who cant spell it. alfabetul? try again.

Googling "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" landed someone here.

someone searched for "88f350e065d2c73f094ddb2033f666e9050eaf5b46d2c377" and then spent almost 3 minutes here!

Two different people searched "κυριακον" and ended up here. Is that even an Earth language?

And it's pretty cool that in a search as broad as "French" someone found my site.

Here's some keyword searches that most likely ended in disappointment.
  • sloppy ass fuck
  • septic tank emptying mayo
  • free pron
  • photo 400lb black woman
  • fuck sleeping girl
  • george cloony tight pans
  • fucking katie domonics
  • lady enjoying receiving a tool
  • men ripped crotch jeans
  • rita screensaver jesus christ
  • sucking meaty lips
  • pissing in the floor
  • owch man
  • fuck you doctor
  • freepron
  • assjuice recipe
  • 2998 stormy daniels
  • do red vines constipate
  • shown on e-fuck.com
  • today pornost com
  • www.mexcans ave sex
  • public bathroom
  • irish pig farmers list
  • what is a sloppy chris tian
  • sloppy pussies
  • ripped crotch
  • sloppy booty
  • peru sucks
  • tissue cups
  • art of booty
  • bikini party boat pics drunk
  • cats are man made
  • burping up blood
  • cock crayon
  • constantinople's imperial library
  • referee pinata
  • rich clench
Bunch of people looking for various animated gifs.
  • "animated gif" +masturbate
  • shit animated gif
  • animated crazy shit gifs
  • animated a shit
  • animated gif of shit
  • animated gif shit fan
  • animated gif screwed
  • animated gifs of old men

man, theres some sick fuckers out there. And somehow, they find me.
Happy Interneting everyone!


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention it, that is exactly how I found your blog. I was googling "assjuice recipe" and voila!

Kirk said...

maybe I should actually post a recipe for assjuice to help people like you out.

jimbizzle said...

I'm sure you have the prefect recipe for Drummer's booty.

1 Drum throne
1 Drum Kit
1 Chubby Drummer Dude
30 minutes of Rock'n Roll.

Riggs could always whip out a good batch of drummer's booty.