Dec 28, 2005

In & Out Fantasy Menu

I talked to my inside man at In & Out again today. He confirmed my secret menu list and pretty much shot down the Monkey Style and the Inside Out(which i'll get to later). He also informed
me of stuff the employees make for themselves that arent on the menu or the secret menu. So that got me thinking of other shit you could make, not neccesarily order, with the given ingredients.
I counted 10 but he informed me that they also have chopped Jalepenos.
So without further ado, I give you the In and Out Fantasy Menu.

get these two we already know of out of the way.
Monkey Style:
any burger with fries in it.
i know this was on there before but since its been denied, we'll put it in here.

"Inside Out"
this is any burger with the bun flipped around and grilled. to look and feel like sourdough.

And now for the shit me Jimbo and the In & Out dude made up.

"Dirty Sanchez" (kirk)
2 patties x 4 cheese with peppers and extra grilled onions on a burger with no lettuce.

"Hash Browns" (kirk)
fries smashed on the grill and grilled and then fried in the fryer.

"Brown Eye"(kirk)
Burger with "hash browns" in it.

"onion rings"(kirk)
deeo fried onions instead of grilled

"rodeo style"(kirk)
add onion rings to any burger

"mustard style" (kirk)
mustard cooked burger. with extra pickles and mustard. with lettuce.

"hot carl"(kirk)
mustard style with peppers.

"grandma's meatloaf" (kirk)
ketchup cooked patty with ketchup and grilled onions"

"Road Kill" (kirk and In & Out dude)
Animal Fries, with chopped pattie, covered in ketchup.

"Leather Style" (jimbo)
well done burger (possibly even burnt) and extra toasted bun

leather style with ketchup and cheese (served with a knife)

"Spuds Macenzie"(kirk)
grilled cheese with fries

"Sloppy Joe" (kirk/In & Out dude)
Chopped up meat grilled onions and secret sauce.

"DIY style"(jimbo)
Everything on the side. Can be ordered with any burger

"The Twins" (jimbo)
A Double Double Split open and open faced. one patty and cheese on each half ot the bun

"big fish eats little fish"(jimbo)
double double with a regular cheese burger in between the Meat of the double double

"siamese twins"(kirk/jimbo)
the big fish/little fish served open faced

"the Tim Taylor" (kirk)
4 open packets of artificial sweetener served with plastic utensils and a straw.

"frogs on a pad" (jimbo)
A flying dutchman with pickles on top

"The Two Face" (jimbo)
A burger with everything on half, and nothing but burger and bun on the other

"heart attack special" (kirk)
5 x 10. 5 patties 10 cheese, 2 for each pattie. with extra mayo.

"guerra del corazón especial"(kirk)
heart attack special with peppers and onions

"BIG FOOT"(kirk)
4 X 4 animal style with peppers fries and no lettuce.

"cheese volcano burger" (jimbo)
a double double covered with 3 cheese slices and melted on the top of the bun.

"The Present"(jimbo)
fries wraped in a lettuce leaf with a tomato on top to hold the lettuce down

"sticks in the mud" (jimbo)
Frys with Chocolate shake on top (Dine-In Only)

"atkins sucks! style"(jimbo)
2 sets of (4) buns on any burger.

"The Poop Fry"(In & Out dude)
chopped up meat patty, chopped tomatoes + cheese, peppers and grilled onion on fries.
he said they make this.

"Sourdough Bacon Swiss" (kirk)
inside out toasted buns with one patty mustard cooked extra well done,
second patty med well. with mayonayse tomato and grilled onions.

deep fried burger chunks with ketchup or strawberry syrup

"Lincon Logs" (jimbo)
4x4 with frys between each layer

"zombie fingers"(kirk)
french fries rolled in katchup then deep fried.

"twigs & berries"(kirk)
burnt patty chopped up with chopped up fries and grilled onions

"Swamp Style" (jimbo)
2- cheese burgers stuffed in a cup filled with Coke

"Monte Cristo" (kirk)
A double double with grilled onions deep fried, sprinkled with sweet & low and drizzled with strawberry shake syrup. (yum)

"beef and chips"(jimbo)
hamburger meat cut in to strips searved with fries.

"fish n chips"(jimbo/kirk)
beef and chips, with mayo on the beef and extra salt on the fries.

"turds" (kirk)
strips of burger deep fried served with condiments on the side for dipping.

"golden nuggets" (kirk)
a variation of turds. strips of burger coated heavily with mustard and deep fried. served with mustard.

"dead man's bed" (jimbo)
10x10 served on a bed of frys animal style

"ronald style" (kirk)
one patty, med. cheese ketchup, mustard, pickle and chopped raw onion.
smashed all together after its made

"the big mick" (kirk)
3 buns (on in the middle) 2 meat 2 cheese with secret sauce and mayo, chopped onions pickles and lettuce.
again, smashed all together after its made

"Fried Ice Cream" (kirk)
milk shake poured into a bed of toasted bun crumbs, rolled and flash deep fried. served in a small cup 1/4 filled with chilled strawberry shake syrup.

"chocolate cow-tail" (In & Out dude)
chocolate shake and coke (its pretty good)

"French Cocktail" (kirk)
any shake with french fries in it.

"Pina Colada" (kirk)
Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and Orange soda with vanilla ice cream and 10 sweet & low packets

"the abortion" (kirk)
Strawberry soda with vanilla ice cream floating in it. like a rootbeer float but with strawberry soda (where available).

"Cremesicle" (kirk)
Orange soda with vanilla shake

lemon juice from the Ice Tea Lemons with ice and lemon zest.

ok thats it for today. thanks In and Out dude and Jimbo. If anyone else has any suggestions for the list please comment.
but keep in mind it has to be made from stuff they have at In & Out and prepared with methods avaliable on site.

i just came up with a couple more.

"The Quesadilla"(kirk)
just 3x cheese and peppers on a bun. smashed into the grill while cooking.

"the stay at home dad"(kirk)
2x cheese on an inside out bun, coated with mayo on the outside and toasted with chesse inside.

"the latch-key kid"(kirk)
cheese on bun, not melted.

vanilla milkshake with salt, ketchup and chopped tomatoes blended.

small cup filled with melted cheese. served with fries or cut up bun pieces.

"Time O' The Month" (kirk)
a double burger, no cheese, open faced with ketchup poured on top.
served covered with napkins.

"custard filled donut" (kirk)
2 top buns with middles carved out, filled with mayonaise and put back together.

"jelly filled donut" (kirk)
like the custard filled but with ketchup instead of mayo.

"lemon filled donut" (kirk)
like the custard filled but with mustard instead of mayo.

"onion dippers"(kirk)
thick raw uncooked onion wedges served with secret sauce for dipping.

"pickle dippers"(kirk)
whole raw pickles with sauce for dipping.

"yogourt with granola"(kirk)
small drink cup filled with mayo and extra well done fries and burnt beef pieces.

"mustard roll"
lettuce leaves with mustard rolled up inside.

"baked potato"(kirk)
whole potato peeled & deep fried untill cooked. served split open with chopped onions and cheese and cooked burger pieces served in a paper wrapper.

"lemon merange pie"(kirk)
2 buns toasted. served in a fry container topped with mayo and mustard mixed drizzled with lemon juice.

"carrot sticks"(kirk)
raw uncooked fries soaked in ketchup rinsed and then served

"stinking apple" (kirk)
whole peeled uncooked onion.

"onion fries"(kirk)
onion cut into fries with the french fry thing and then deep fried

"BYOB"(kirk/In & Out dude)
'bring your own bacon' if you bring your own toppings, not just bacon they will put it on for you.(In & Out dude said its been done)

"the scab"(kirk)
plain patty ketchup cooked on top of mayo

"meat on hand"(kirk)
plain patty served into your hand. no wrapping.

"steak tar-tar"(kirk)
uncooked patty on a bed of lettuce and secret sauce.
(not FDA approved)

"for later"(kirk)
any of the standard menu items wrapped bagged and frozen ready for you to take home and reheat any time. just say "for later" when you order. for secret and fantasy menu items call ahead.

"Monkey Fries"
potato cut into 4ths lengthwise soaked in mustard and fried.

4x6 xtra toasted, animal style with peppers served cut in half with a fork. and a straw stuck in the top. suggested to BYOB on this one.

and from a new contributor (anyone can play!)

"Aunt Irma's toes"(rita)
Underdone fries with ketchup on the tips

"Ring toss"(rita)
Single burger all the way, impaled with tall fries, served with raw rings of onion.

"Mr Clean" (rita)
4 patties, plain, no top bun

"Strawberry Fields"(rita)
On the Sal with strawberry shake syrup

"The Pearl Necklace" (rita)
small cup with burger chunks, cheese, grilled onions with mayo on the rim

"The Santa Clause" (rita)
kids menu
2x2 with accompanying boats of ketchup and mayo for deep dipping

"The Treasure Chest"(rita) kids menu
chopped grilled onions, "gold nuggets" and diced fries in a "chest" (2 fry boats)
comes with pirate hat*
*pirate hat is a paper In & Out hat

"Have A Nice Day Burger"(rita)
kids menu
mustard cooked patty open faced with ketchup smiley

"The IceMan"(rita)
patties served atop ice in a fry boat

"USS Titanic"(kirk/rita)
a patty under ice water in a drink cup

"Macy's Day Parade" (rita)
paper lined serving tray with 5 patties in a row, dressed, with confetti breadcrumbs from the bun bag tossed over. Dine-In only.

(pickle bun juice) 2 patties soaked in pickle juice, then cooked med. with extra pickles, served on a toasted pickle soaked bun.

"Crimson and Clover"(rita)
plain burger, lettuce and ketchup only

"The Hand Grenade" (rita)
Whole peeled potato encased in large raw onion rings, deep fried and served with a boat of special sauce

"Jenna Jamison" (kirk/rita)
openfaced 2x2 with mayo squirted all over

"Prom Queen" (kirk/rita)
a Jenna Jamison with ketchup added.

"red wing special" (kirk/rita)
double burger open faced with a mound of ketchup hidden by fries in the middle of the two patties. served with extra napkins.

"The Short Bus"(rita)
10x10 with mayo


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless, really I am because I can't believe you came up with that many items... wow...just... wow :)

jimbizzle said...

It's called boredom Valli. This is also a product of work place boredom. Please click here.

Harsha said...

that is a very huge menu...