Apr 19, 2007

12 innings equals no Lost.

Pretty much my whole wednesday is me getting juiced to watch Lost. I know its pathetic but hey, most of my day is spent at my stupid job. I skeez as much time as i can to read the latest theories on Lost and post some of my own on the Lost message boards. When i get home i patiently do my chores and await the new Lost episode. But this week, right around quittin' time my good friend Justin calls and asks if i want to go to the Giants game.. hm.. i paused and thought about this. this would more than likely mean that i would miss Lost tonite. and miss out on all the Thursday message board hullabaloo with all the new info from the latest new episode. So, after good though I told myself i could watch it on ABC.com in the morning or on my lunchbreak the next day and agreed to go to the game.

I'm glad i did! it was such an awesome game. Barry hit home run #738 into the cove! the score was close the whole game and ended going to the 12th inning. it was pretty rad. thanks slim!

So, fast forward to this morning. I was able to watch the first 15 minutes or so of Lost on the web here at work before the rest of the office started showing up. I planned on watching the rest on my lunch break but fucking ABC kept giving me errors. something about their server and my bandwidth.. our internet here must suck if more than 4 people are on it at the same time. In other words, the boards are a flutter with cool new Lost theories and amendments to old ones with new info from last nights episode. and i'm missing out on all of it! thats how lame i am that i'm actually upset about this.

fuck man, all my theories are gonna be a day old and people are gonna reply with "hey noob use the search button, we talked about that yesterday" damnit, i dont wanna be a noob. this fucking sucks. stupid ABC.com, stupid internet.. stupid awesome Giants game and free tickets.

I guess i'll just have to be a lurker and read all the stuff people are writing about Lost. maybe i'll notice something people missed.

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jimbizzle said...

If that's all you have to complain about, then your life must be grand!

Oakland A's > S.F. Giants
Entourage > Lost