Apr 17, 2007

Look what i made!

Holy shit i painted again. its been a while since i did anything of any kind of arty goodness. I have some arty show stuff coming up so i thought i'd get a crackin' on some new work. Here are the fruits of my birds and my bees.

This one i call "The Sandwichman Cometh" I dont know what the fuck it means. I guess it could be part 2 to my painting called "the diet issue" anyone remember that? (thats a link to it)

and as a special bonus its on a skate deck!

This one is called "Somebody's Grandma Died (and it sucks for them)" i know it sounds cruel but its a fact of fucking life. Its something a lot of people have to deal with.
ps: i dont know who this lady is.

As for the upcoming arty stuff... One i know about for sure is at Shakey Hand Gallery again. Its a group show titled "Over the Counter Culture" whatever that means. The other is still pending but its a huge event. Its the Blazen7 Pride of the Champ. Theres a pre 60's car show, art show, and Lucha Libre wrestling match!!! The guy putting it on is in my photoshop class and casually asked me to be in it. Still waiting for the official response. I hope it works out because i'd really like to go anyway. I think if i was in it i'd actually get of my lazy ass and go. more info on that here.


Anonymous said...

i love the sandwich commith.. i like mayo on my sadwiches!

jimbizzle said...

Does she have wooden dentures?