Apr 27, 2007




BAM!Giants sweep Dodgers in LA, amidst an 8 game winning streak putting them in 1st place of their division. Holy crap. I know its early in the season but for a team that had low expectations and started out looking like shit this is pretty freakin rad.

ok on with the crappy friday photo blog.

(the niece and nephew... heads switched and floating!)

apply directly to the forehead

jimbo condoms

"win a million dollars... then you can buy this 2008 camero" ??

we're in love

Hawaiian steak

sucks for you Rita, you dont know Jack.

so long suckers.


jimbizzle said...

But those condoms only fit on one of them...

Rita said...

Oh man, Jack is WAY too clown-like.

Keep. That. Away. From. Me.

I love all the cat pictures.

Even though I am allergic to cats.

I would still pet her and just sneeze anyway.