Apr 10, 2007

fuckity fuck fuck!

The CAD program we use at my job is a piece of shit. the company that makes it is a piece of shit. theres all these bugs and issues with their software and they've sent us two upgrade CDs and it doesnt fix shit. The latest one we got today says it "fixes some foreign language issues and works with Windows Vista" I'd like to also mention here that the paper labeled CDR they sent it to us on says "compatible with Windows XP and Mac OSX.... " anyway, foreign language issues? who the fuck cares!

i want a program that fucking works and for them to come through on promises. their shit sucks so bad that their support forum has been shut down. you know how most programs ctrl W closes the window? well they changed it to Ctrl F4 two versions ago and that STILL doesnt even work. there used to be a ctrl H to fill a block with a crosshatch which i uesd all the time. the new version you have to manually go to the pen menu and select "hatch". how is that an "upgrade" but, ctrl B to fill with a solid color which no one uses because it looks like shit is still there. these problems are just the tip of the iceberg, and somewhere near the bottom of the iceberg is the fact that no one uses this program so we have to convert every thing we get from or sent out to clients. thanks for nothing you cock licking pieces of shit.

A logical person would say that maybe we should use another program. the problem is, I KNOW we should. because AutoCad (the other program, the one i took a class for) IS the industry fucking standard.. but you have to remember where i work. NEWlogic. not better logic or just Logic... its NEW, different, unorthodox, basackward Logic. trying to get them to switch to AutoCad has been an ongoing battle for 10 years here. The Boss likes Graphite. The Boss likes his OS 9.0 mac and Illustrator version 6, case closed. just like everything else.

here's an email he sent out a while back..

I'm trying to review some drawings. I can't open Illustrator drawings and Graphite drawings anymore now that there have been upgrades.

Let's stop upgrading software unless there is a really good reason to do it.

I have two computers that work just fine. I'd rather not spend the money to buy new software or a new computer yet.

I have Illustrator 6.0. I think other people are using older versions as well.

The Boss

kill me now.

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