Apr 20, 2007

Creative Tax Deduction

creative way to write off secret naughty pleasures. a conversation about tax time with someone i talk to on IM.

...(sigh) I gotta go in a minute. it takes awhile to get into that latex cat suit and I have to horsewhip a CPA at 12:30. Those ball-gags don't insert themselves, you know!

well don't forget the bridal... they like to have something to tongue.

That joke KILLED at Little league! I just hate having to recite the fucking ticker tape off of MSNBC the whole time... its distracting. because, you know, this way, the dude writes off my fee as a business expense.. as a consultant. cagey bastard.


yeah you say that now, but YOU try to decipher whether he screaming from the electric jolt to his nutsack or from Pfizer missing their quarterly earnings projections... its tricky.

you do what you gotta do to save a little money any way you can these days.

ok i know this pic has nothing to do with the post but i was looking up "cat suit" pics and HOLY FUCK thats a big cat!

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

That picture really really really creeps me out. I swear that if I ever saw that cat in real life, I'd start crying. I can't even look at it again. Ugh