Apr 4, 2007

McBreakfast Re-hash

I've complained about this before but i got reminded of it again today. Meg said she wanted to get a Jack N the Box hashbrown. and at 11:00 she very well could. i dont know how much they cost there by themselves but if its anything like McDonalds, which she couldnt go to because they are breakfast Nazis that only serve McBreakfast till what is it, 9:30? 10:00? either way, its 11 and they're knee deep in 99 cent double cheeseburgers. which makes no sense because a single cheeseburger is 1.09 or something. is the burger patty marked up so much on everything else they can just hook and extra one up for a loss of 10 cents? maybe they use "The Big One" meat with shit in it to cut the extra cost. who knows but another thing that really pisses me off about their breakfast is the dollar menu. awesome, you can get a sausage mcmuffin with no egg for $1. a regular with-egg sausage mcmuffin is like 1.80 by itself, so the egg is 80 cents? eh reasonable i guess but a sausage McGriddle with egg is a little more than that i think. so how can they sell the same thing, without egg for $1 as well? are they ripping you off every time you get a regular mcgriddle with egg? wtf mcdonalds? (BTW if you were curious "Apple Dippers" is 5 apple wedges in a bag for a dollar.)

Also on the dollar menu is "2 apple pies". this is a super deal.. TWO pies for a dollar. but the downside is if you only want one you cant get it. so, get this. they also have the hashbrown on the dollar menu. the one that seems to be just thrown in as a bonus on the value meals (which is another math mind fuck i dont want to go into now) but for some fucked up reason, this deep fried piece of shit costs 1.29 or something. First of all, why put it on the DOLLAR menu if it costs more than a dollar.. and secondly, why the fuck does that piece of crap cost more than a dollar? it seems like it should only cost 49 cents or something. if thats not a scam and a half to coax you into getting the value meal i dont know.... so, back to the pies. sometimes i have coffee already and dont want the value meal and to save money i get the $1 mcgriddle but still feel like i should have the hashbrowns, but i cant because i'm morally opposed to paying that much for it. so i opt for the pies but really only want one and end up feeling like a fat ass when i open the 2nd pie box and shove it into my face.

So, now i'm all horny for McBreakfast after writing this and cant get my fix because they are already flipping shit patties. It's fucking 11:00 people, its STILL morning. man you'd think after all these years (and a nice scene in Falling Down) they'd get a clue.

but alas! i can go to Jack in The Box, where they have gotten a clue and serve breakfast all day! they dont have McMuffins or McGriddles but they do have their one-of-a-kind signature breakfast sandwich, the Breakfast Jack. simple ham egg and cheese on a bun. perfect. They do have other more fancy breakfast sandwiches but for some fucked up retarded reason they put mayonnaise on them. who the hell wants mayo on eggs? Fucking white people kill me.