Apr 13, 2007

What were you thinking? seriously.

Theres this Furniture place i walk by on my way to get coffee that is run by ass fucked morons. let me explain.
For a while they've had just a temporary banner that said "Furniture Oasis" with a wooden sign they would leave on the sidewalk that says "Oasis Furniture" I thought it seemed odd that they would switch up the name like that but chalked it up to a simple mistake and didnt matter since it was a temporary thing anyway. It took a while but they finally have their name on custom mounted letters on the sides of the building. one side says "FURNITURE OASIS". the other side in the same exact letters says "OASIS FURNITURE". what kind of quality control do they have? Spent all this money and still fucked it up! pick a damn name.

if you cant see it click pic to zoom and see the idiocy.

so, i'm walking by the other day and they are mounting a new banner thing next to the door that says "Everyday Low Prices, Every Day". i cant believe it. do they know that what it says is horribly redundant and makes them look dumb? what the fuck is their problem??

I wanted to ask them what they were thinking...."hey, dont you realise you have your name written differently on your building and wrong, at least twice and do you know that this sign is refuckingdundant!"

it makes me angry, insulted as a designer and a person with a brain. i should have asked. I often wish i could ask what people are thinking when they do stupid things but stupid people make even more stupid justifications for their stupidity. that or they just dont think. anyway if they did attempt to answer, their answer would just piss me off more. why are they even alive?

if you happen upon this place, dont buy anything from OASIS FURNITURE OASIS FURNITURE OASIS, even if thier every day low prices that they have, surprise, every day seem too good to pass up.

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Rita said...

Maybe Furniture Oasis is the shill corporation for Oasis Furniture, so when they default on their bills and vendors under one corp, they just work under the other for awhile.

That, or they are just stupid.

Every day.