Apr 1, 2007

its a SWARM!

megs sister was doing yardwork and heard a weird noise like a motor of a car or something but flying over head. then she saw the shadows. she looked up and the sky above her was thick with a swarm of bees! "close your windows!" she screamed "BEES!" we looked out the window and saw this.

the whole street was filled with bees. craziness. as we gazed in awe we notice they were thinning out. then we heard megs mom yelling from the back yard. we looked out our back window and the swarm had moved right over us into the back yard. we could see them flying over us through the skylight. then they were thick, buzzing, filling the whole space between our house and the bushes and fence.
and a close up.

here's a video i shot from my bathroom window. its kinda crappy, but you can hear the bees buzzing.

the swarm moved into the neighbors yard and eventually settled in their tree to start a new hive.

god save the queen.

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jimbizzle said...

My dad said he had a swarm fly over his house a couple of weeks ago too. Must be the season for it.