Apr 12, 2007

One of Us

Last night i watched lost over and my friend Jess's house. He and his roomates have a weekly Lost and Taco's night. it was awesome! Thanks again andy for the tacos and Jess for the computer stuff.

Here's some of my scattered thoughts i posted on the Lost message boards today regarding last nights episode.

what is so bad about Juliette's past and what she knows about the island that would make sayid want to kill her? so far, what we know of what she knows seems pretty noble of her. trying to save pregnant women.

Either she's lying just to make the others seem more sinister and mysterious or theres a lot more she knows that we dont know yet.

3 years deep on the island and she's still arguing with ben about wanting to go home... i dunno, she seems pretty ready to become a lostie. "we just wanna go home, that make you one of us"

cant figure out the whole Ben plan thing yet. i just dont see what ben has to offer her now that the sub is gone that would make her so loyal to him still.. she's already been "marked" and banished hasn't she?

she needs to realize ben is playing her. she must know where they went.
i dont get all the secrecy.. at this point, with no answers i wouldnt trust her with anything.

the phrase goes... "if i tell you, i'll have to kill you" .. not "you'll kill me" shit thats like saying "just kill me"

now that Claire is OK Sayid and Sawyer need to lay the smack down. screw pussywhipped jack... he's being played anyway.

if you want to gain peoples trust just saving Claire (cleaning up the mess they all know you made in the first place) isn't enough. you need 100% disclosure.

if the mere notion of her having the key was enough for the fans to suspect her as a spy then why, when she straight up tells jack she faked being banished, does he still trust her and why didnt kate and sayid lay the smack down on both her and jack.

Locke should have waited for them to get in the sub before he blew it up.

i thought it was funny that before last night everyone was saying that Juliette handcuffed herself to kate and wasn't gassed at all. but this was only a guess based on her having the key. i was a big proponent of the "Juliette was gassed and just happened to have the key" theory but last night they pretty much said word-for-word

"i handcuffed my self to kate and pretended to be gassed"

ok end of that debate! lol

when ben says something about having "...faith in Jacob" this furthers my belief that Jacob is some kind former leader or founder of whatever they do who is long since dead who has gained some kind of god or prophet status that they worship or look to for guidance.

Jacob worship is like their religion sort of.

all the others constantly asking themselves WWJD?... what would Jacob do.

about Jacobs list, and "Jacob brought me to this island" maybe the list is like a type of "10 commandments" not necessarily a list of peoples names. just a list of things that make you a good person. not really proof that Jacob is a person living on or off the island.

and as far as bringing to the island. I'm sure there wasn't a guy named Jacob driving the sub.. the spirit and way of life offered by Jacob brings them there. but for Juliette it was just a new job. which kinda makes me think that the pregnant women thing is just a side problem for the others and has nothing to do with their main reason for being on the island. thats why Juliet's recruitment seemed kind of last minute and dire.

why Juliet seems like a reluctant "other"

Ben's Plan
The Others are there to create some kind of isolated utopia that utilizes some sort of special property that the island has. but as long as no children can be concieved and born on the island they cant achieve this. This is why they need Juliete. Juliete wasnt part of the big plan of the island but they need her to complete it.

i think Ben knows something Juliette hasn't realized yet about Claire's birth and Sun's potential birth that has made him(or Jacob the almighty) feel they are ready to cut themselves off from the world. or he's just gone nuts and thinks he's the new Jacob.. or he figured out/thinks that in order to create new life they must sacrafice their lives. for example. The Birth of Aaron caused his Tumor.. Life Death Dark Light...

he's systematically setting things into motion that end up making them one step closer to being isolated.

Convinced Locke the numbers didnt do anything leading to the hatch blowing up

Got patchy to let locke try to beat the chess game leading to the explosion of the FLame and the procurment of the C4 that was used to blow up the Sub.

after typing that.. seems like Locke is somehow involved wither as someone Ben thinks is special or who ben is convincing is special in order to manipulate him.

so thats that.. the next episodes from here till the end of the season are supposed to be killer and reveal a lot about what the hell is going on.

i'm sure it wont be enough info tho... as usual.

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Don't forget too that they have Locke's father