Apr 18, 2007

Fast Food Tray Hygiene

So as i was eating at Jack in the Box.. the ghetto one near my work. an employee dude came over to the trash and used one of the used food trays to smash down the trash inside the garbage. he pushed in the flip door and just smashed and smashed then rapped it against the edge of the opening a few times to "clean" it then took it back behind the counter.

for those of you who work or have worked fast food, is this common accepted practice? I've never seen it before and the dude i think is the manager. He did it in front of us as if it was no big deal. I highly doubt they disinfect those things. just wipe them down with a dirty wet towel.

here's some of my past Ghetto Fast Food adventures.






Anonymous said...

I have seen it done and done it myself when I worked at DQ for a Day.. I do know they have high powered industrial dish washing machine and for the most part they are required to wash all tray in it once a day..... wheather they do it or not... who knows. but really how many germs can really grow in a few hours. this food (trash ) is taken out several times a day. So there is a clean can atleast at 2 points in the day.. Id eat out of it before it hits a dumpster if i had to( or on a dare)

jimbizzle said...


I really don't anything more to say about that.