Apr 6, 2007

Good Friday my ass.

I have to work today.
......................................look at some pictures.

this was in our loading dock this morning. FedEx, delivering Praise.

that cluster of buildings on the left in the distance is San Quentin Federal Maximum security prison. i think charles manson is or was there for a long time.

its hard to see but this retard just doesnt get it. they have a Oakland Raiders sign where their license plate should be. but to even it out they stole someones '07 Registration tag and stuck it on there. what a fucking moron. typical Raiders fan.

this guy was stocking up for the summer. all he can carry's worth of $1 frozen Banquet Meals.

here's the exit for San Quentin

that white blob coming from the driver side is some dudes feet chilling because there was some construction holding up traffic forever.

another San Quentin sign

that blurry city scape in the background is San Fransisco as seen from the San Rafael Bridge. on a clear day you can see the city in the middle the bay bridge on the left and the Golden Gate on the right.

me too

i was waiting for the Telle Tubbies to come out here.

here's some shots of the san rafael bridge. (sorry jess if this reminds you of your commute)

some doodle time fun..

ok have a happy easter! here's a festive piece i did a while ago.


Anonymous said...

If you look up san quinten on the googles staelie thing you can zoom in and see aline for men dressined in orange jump suits standing in line int he courtyard. Ill try to sendy ou a link its kind cool

Can you name the 3 female chipmunks?

Rita said...

Well, damn. I was hoping one of the pics I sent from the beach would have made Foto (Good) Friday.