Aug 1, 2007

The Javalero Strikes Again

we dont have any sugar or sweetener in the house so I had to get my coffee from the gas station. I never usually get coffee from the Valero because i'm usually with my dad headed out of town on a different road. I fill up my own travel mug and head out to work. once I got on the road and situated to where i could finally concentrate on drinking my coffee without crashing I popped open the lid and took a swill.

alone, in my car in traffic I exclaimed...


half aloud and half in my head i muttered...
why the fuck is it so mother fucking hot! this isnt even suitable for human consumption!

visions of old ladies suing McDonalds flashed through my head. I also may have made blasphemous remarks about a higher power too at some point

now my taste buds are non existent and a 25 minute car ride later, my coffee is still 2000° F

Damn you Javalero!!!

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

You couldn't feel the heat melting through the cup as you held it? One of my top 10 most hated things is burnt taste buds. I feel for ya man.