Feb 27, 2006

The End Of The World (part 4)

Remember when i said the world was ending because of a shitty little eartquake? well this is like 1000 times worse. It's like if Rob Thomas and Ashlee Simpson had a baby and that baby had a kid with Spears and K-Feds mutant kid. and then that kid grew up and got elected preseident. or if Satan and George Bush annally conceived an evil turd baby.
...this is way worse than that.

There are rivers of psycho-reactive ectoplasmic slime flowing under my cubicle right now.


jimbizzle said...

Just start blasting some happy upbeat music and the slime will dance it self away. I'd just keep it away from your toaster. Not so sure anyone would want to use a pre-slimed toaster.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Does that add actually say, "everything about the music"?

I don't get it.

Kirk said...

Hot Topic is not punk rock.