Feb 6, 2006

obligatory post-superbowl blog

So i have a blog so i guess im supposed to blog about one of the biggest annual events in America. the superbowl. From the home of the band KISS, High Crime Rates, Eminem, and Unemployed Auto Workers, Detroit brings us SuperBowl XL!

i hate football , but it sucks the seahawks didn't win. i always try to pull for the underdog. seems like all the promo shit had the steelers winning already. talk about one sided. no, guys you're NOT going to Disneyworld.

-the national anthem... Aron Neville, dude. As if that gigantic mole on your eye doesnt draw enough attention to your face, you go and tattoo the logo for Always Maxi-pads on your cheek. and was he even singing? then, lucky for him, big ol' Aretha Franklin came in to check the mic for him. yup, it works. wierd rendition. loved the cocktail drumkit tho!

-the commercials... were ok. some funny shit but nothing over the top. c'mon your paying $5million a minute or whatever it was.. could at least do something crazy. some of them were the ones we've been seeing all year. Blockbuster, c'mon man step up. the "dont judge" ones were funny.

onto, the halftime show. no boobs this year, but we got some hot Jagger arm flab wiggle. Does the NFL not trust up and coming pop-stars anymore? since the boob we got Paul McCartney, and now old as dirt Rolling Stones. who, let me point out were both once considered the anti-christ. Now they are as safe as a vanilla milkshake. The Stones, the one band that couldnt give any less of a shit about playing in a stadium at the superbowl. Talk about running through the motions. they kinda sounded like shit too...but then again, i've never been much of a stones fan. Time to hang it up guys.

ok so then i went into my room and geeked out on the LOST message boards for the rest of the game. poked my head out after i heard loudness, "oh, the steelers won. hm, shitty"

after another 5 mins of LOST nerdage I went back into the frontroom and watched the Animal Plantet Puppy Bowl, with Kitty Halftime show. i think thats about the most cuteness anyone can handle at once.

ok thats it. when's baseball start?
(AT&T park? they need to just make that sign out of dry erase board it changes so much)

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