Feb 15, 2006

Pimp Van

an 80's GMC Van isnt that hot but when it has 20" spinners I take notice. I whipped out my cellphone at a stoplight at snapped this one. right after i took the pic, this van got even more hot. suddenly I hear a 'chirp chirp' and then the engine starts. then pimp daddy walks up and gets in. i can only imagine what other kind of pimp shit this van had packed in it. so as far as the rules go...
although spinners are commonplace in West Oakland, its rare to see on a full size van like this. the remote start was a bonus.


jimbizzle said...

I have a buddy with a car club called "Heavy Chevy". He has an 80's Chevy van with 24"s on it, TV's, and it's nicely upholstered on the inside. Mayb I could find some pictures for you to see.

Kirk said...

awesome. ive seen a shitty red 79 Caprice with 22's and a big sticker that says "HEAVY CHEVY" on the back window. it has a stick in the side window that says "22's BITCH"

i see "skrapers" like that in oakland all the time.