Feb 16, 2006

wow that was pretty shitty.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Not safe for work (NSFW) or not work safe (NWS) is Internet slang or shorthand. Typically, the NSFW tag is used on interactive discussion areas (such as internet forums and blogs) to mark URLs or links that may be pornographic or shocking, so that the reader can avoid content that may be objectionable. NSFW has particular relevance for workplaces which have policies prohibiting (even inadvertent) access of pornographic images, because they regard the presence of these images on company property not just as a misuse of company equipment, but also as violating the company's sexual harassment policy. Evaluating a site as being safe or unsafe for work is largely subjective.

that might have come in handy for the last couple of posts yesterday. oh well im a sick fuck, deal with it.


in other news, LOST kinda licked balls last night.. talk about build up for nothing.
anyone know how to read egyptian?


Anonymous said...

Like Andy said last night.

One more birdie and he would have won the jackpot.

Anonymous said...

Or it could be - Rocket fly like Bird then Fire. I bet the next one was a Mushroom and then 1 meaning the beginning of a new era in time.

Kirk said...

you lost me at rocket fly