Feb 27, 2006

Rancid Lunch

I'm on a budget now due to some unfortunate (stupid) financial incident. So along with that budget comes the end of buying lunch everyday. no more indian, or tacobell or whoppers with bacon. I'm downgraded to eating leftovers for lunch. why the hell not, we have a microwave the ladies like to make popcorn in 6 times a day. But today is an all new low in leftover land. As my girlfriends sister was cleaning out the fridge she came across a forgotten tupperware of chicken and rice she made. She asked me what day it was when the cops came to the house across the street (thats another story). I told her it was last thursday. (that was 10 days ago) so then she asks me if I think its still good. Not one to pass up free food i say "sure it is, its only been like a week" so I put it back in the fridge and my mouth watered through the night, all this morning until now. I asked Rita, who's a mom with the knowhow about these things, if it was ok to eat 10 day old leftovers. here's what her advice was.
" the 17th . . . that could incite a trip to the emergency room. I think the rule for leftovers is 3-5 days unless they are frozen, then it is like 3 months at most. I wouldnt, but maybe you are a risk taker. I have kids to raise. Good luck on the rancid lunch"

oh shit thanks Rita why'd you have to use the word "rancid", I've been looking forward to this savory meal all day. So I went against Dr.Mom's advice and went ahead with it. I like living on the edge.

here she is in her 10 day old glory...

it smelled fine so i nuked it for 2 and a half minutes.. i also brought a couple tortillas to go with it. delicioso. It wasnt rancid at all... tastes fine. and more importantly i feel fine... so far.
If i have a visit to the porcelan throne room, i'll let you know.

so if youre on a budget and some shit's been chillin' in your fridge for like 2 weeks, I'd say smell it, and if its alright, cook it and enjoy the shit out of it. you just made lunch!

suck on that Rita!


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I have a crazy phobia about expired foods. I'm neurotic about the subject. If you would have shown that to me in its cold state and asked if I thought it was ok, I would have thrown up.

That looks really really bad. Are you sick yet?

Kirk said...

this stomach is like a rock. i've eaten a lot of fucked up shit. i used to eat food off the ground in High School.

I just ate it.. so if i do get sick, i'll eat crow (figure of speach) and post a new blog about my illness.

jimbizzle said...
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jimbizzle said...

God bless iron clad stomachics!

I use a similar technique. I look for any abnormalities such as dry-ness, color change, or extra growth. If it passes the visual test then on to the odor test. If it passes the odor test as well, then I begin the heating process. After its been heated it goes through another odor test. If all is good at that point I would begin consumption.

Merry Lunch Time!

Rita said...

Oh, the horror.

You may have been given a stay of execution from the spices in the dish, if any.

Forgive him, Julia Child, he knows not what he does.

Kirk said...

you know it!