Feb 23, 2006

Future Man Lives With Parents

you ever wonder what music will be like in 2036? or just pondered what the Future will be like? Well, some web surfers got the chance to find out a few years ago. Appearantly, a guy named John Titor popped up on a few different web forums back in 2000. He was on and off for about 4 months vaguely answeing peoples questions. According to his "predictions" we may have averted a US civil war that was supposed to start in 2005. Either that guy was full of shit.. or his little visit here changed the future! thanks John. He said a ton of shit while he was here, which is conveniently compiled at a website. www.johntitor.com You'd think John would go back in time and register that domain name before this other guy could cash in on his name and sell merch and shit.

i think the icing on the cake is that John Timur traveled back in time only to end up living with his parents (and his 8yr old self) while he was here. Wouldnt that seriously fuck up the time/space continuum that Doc Brown was so concerned about in Back To the Future? I think he'd be so destracted by his parents 1999 dial up AOL service and windows 98 he wouldnt be able to think about things like time/space.

Bullshit or not that site is an interesting read with anecdotes about the year 2036, WWIII and lots of scientific crap about how time travel works... in the future.

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Anonymous said...

whats cool is it might be true. you never know. the answer to evereryones questions could easily be, "i cant say, just by me telling you could alter the future"