Feb 3, 2006

reason #8,344,653,799,521 i hate smokers.

reason #8,344,653,799,521 smoking is bad.

My dad smokes like 3-4 packs a day. and its bad enough when i carpool with him i smell like an ashtray when i get to work but this is the topper.

i had dinner at my parents house last night and my mom said she'd pack some of the leftovers for me and give them to my dad to take for me in the carpool. he took the stuff from his bag to another bag he had in the car and gave it to me. i put it in my backpack and go to my work.

its now lunchtime so i pull the bag out, find the food and start unwrapping the foil. Suddenly i smell a powdery dirt smell. I look over my food and inspect it for mold.. then i notice grey dust all over the outside of the foil, and on my hands. I look to inspect the other foiled items in the bag and notice a ashtray smell.. and then i see it.

fucking cigarette buts and ashes in my lunch bag!!!! WTF dad? must have emptied the ashtray into the bag.. forgot about it and then put MY food into a conviniently available plastic bag floating around your stinky ass car.

I love you dad, but damn you need to quit. if not because of this but for the other 8,344,653,799,520 reasons.

*thats the ashtray in my dads car.

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jimbizzle said...

I want to barf now. Thanks!