Feb 28, 2006

Scrapers Nukkah

I posted earlier about the pimp van i saw. I noticed another strange phenomenon in ghetto car enhancement. Scrapers. As if rappers are running out of stupid shit to do, now they are taking a shitty 80's sedan and shoehorning 22 or 24 inch rims under it. It looks fucking rediculous. I think it might be the worst auto trend since the 3 foot "shopping cart handles"after market spoilers they still put on rice rockets.

well anyhoo, as with everything else, they have a magazine just for this shit. I saw this at the grocery store yesterday. (god the camera on this phone sucks)
and since were on the subject.. i was looking around and found this on Google. its a shitty 80s sedan with a stupid home made spoiler.

1 comment:

h said...

wow! a k-car. i had one back in the 80's, when i was broke. why didn't i think of that? and curb scrapers? they're coming back?