Feb 9, 2006


mother fucking cock sucking minimum wage motherfuckers!!!

They opened a new Quizno's Subs within walking distance of my office. So i walked down there just now to check it out. I'd had Quizno's in the past and was OK with it. So now, I wait in line because the retards they have working there are slow as fuck... its a fucking sandwich. I order my sandwich without the vinegrette dressing, because i hate vinegar on my sandwiches.. luckily it doesnt say it comes with mayo, so i dont have to ask for no mayo. I like the zest of a little mustard so i ask if they can add mustard. the chick working the register looked blankly at the register wich more than likely had a yellow button that said "ADD MUSTARD" on it, but still took her 3 hours to fucking punch in my order. Then it took another 5 minutes to run my check card. fucking mongoloids... so anyhoo, i wait in the small, crowded-ass, poorly layed out place for my order. As I wait and constantly move out of peoples way, i watch 2 different customers get handed the wrong sandwich by mistake. Then they call mine. Finally! i take it and walk the block and a half back to my office. Sit down, dig through the 3 layers of bags & paper wrapping they put on the shit.. a lot of hoo haa for a fucking sandwich if you ask me. I pray to the sandwich gods they didnt fuck up my order....


God Damnit! why in all that is fucking holy would you put MAYO on a sandwich that does not come with it normally? did i say the word "mayonaise" at all in the whole time i was at that godforsaken place? NO. i said no vinagrette, and ADD MUSTARD.. Mustard you whores. remember the yellow button? choke on my fucking cock you pieces of shit.

Now i have a mayo soaked piece of shit in front of me.

guess where i will never go again?


Rita said...

I hate this fucking place. Those rats on spits made me puke. I was pregnant, and every time that commercial came on, my (bulging) tummy would flip.

Plus, their sandwiches suck.

But I like mayo.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I must say though, it is way better than Subway. I do try to avoid all those places though and go to a great ma and pop deli if I want a sandwich.

Kirk said...

i dont mind subway as much cuz i can controll what thay put on my shit. I'd go to a mom n pop if there was one around here. e-ville is turning into stripmall hell.

Anonymous said...

their sandwiches are damn good. yall's are straight trippin!

Kirk said...

you-all (yôl) also y'all (yôl)
pron. Chiefly Southern U.S.

You. Used in addressing two or more people or referring to two or more people, one of whom is addressed.

thanks for the comment.

The Pierre said...


I hate that place..