Feb 21, 2006

this shit will blow your mind

remember my time travel theory from before? well i just got more real life evidence that it could be true. be careful tho, this shit will blow your fucking mind.

Can a light pulse travel faster than the speed of light? This question has intrigued physicists for many years because such an event could violate Einstein's theory of special relativity and the principle of causality (that 'cause' always precedes 'effect'). Together these imply that no object or information can travel faster than the speed of light, c=3times108 m s-1. For nearly two decades, physicists have been sending certain light pulses faster than c over short distances (so-called superluminal propagation), but the light pulses have always been distorted in the process so interpreting these experiments has been difficult1-3 ...
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huh? thanks dailyplacebo
(im to lazy to find shit like this on my own)

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