Feb 2, 2006

Stop Singing!

What is with nerdy, fat, chicks* that have horrible voices getting hella pissed and upset when they get shut down on Idol? Simon tries to be nice, then they cop additude. WTF, are you asking for it?
I know looks shouldnt be part of it... but if they can really sing they'll let em through, but when they cant sing, REALLY cant sing, then argue with them about it! ugh are you retarded? do you have EARS?!!! Not only are you NOT making it to the next round, but now even Paula is going to make fun of you.

Whats worse is the mom or friend thats with them telling them they are good. Those parents need to be shot.

*adjectives may also include, ugly, skinny & guys. mix and match.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

Spent some time reading through your blog. I like it especially the mustard art. I'll go wherever Coop says to go hence how I found ya. I'll check back.