Feb 24, 2006

Must Not See Thursday

Last night was jam packed with hit TV shows on all competing networks. I was gonna make this post about how jacked the Olympic Figure Skating finals were and that all the medalists won even tho they ate shit on the ice. but I didnt want to sound gay so tried to think of something else i had watched that i could talk about. After that i was going to tell you that the 4 people they sent home on American Idol last night were totally predictable, but American Idol is pretty gay too. Survivor was on also, but any self respecting human shouldnt be watching Survivor still. I was tempted for like 1.4 seconds when I saw that it was going to be in my Grandmas native country, Panama. But thought "Survivor is a bunk ass show I've never watched anyway, why start now?" I Flipped to Animal COPS on Animal Planet for a minute which is rad sometimes but that was pretty lame too. Then i was going to tell you about how these two shows, Dancing and/or Skating with the Stars ( i get them confused), which are a total rip off of eachother, are both a fucking trainwreck celeb-reailty nightmare. If youre going to call your show anything "with the stars" or "celebrity" anything, get real fucking stars.. not washed up dairy farming hacks like Jessica Simpsons Ex-Brother-In-Law.

So, even though i didnt watch it...I'm gonna have to say CSI was rad last night! By the way, whats up with them always using flashlights in broad daylight? isnt that like pissing into the ocean?

God i need to get out more.

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