May 9, 2006

ghetto Jack In The Box Adventures Part III

there really wastn an official part 1 or 2 but i've griped about that place a few times before. Today this is my deal.

I just had this exact conversation with the cashier. First i'd like to point out that i waited there for like 90 seconds with this thug dude who smelled like he had a cigar burning in his pocket. then as the cashier made her way towards the register this skinny cracked out white chick walked over...she was in her early late 20's and looked like a homemade porno reject with a bikini top that barley covered her boobs, daisy dukes that showed off her random and horrible thigh tattoos. the shortie shorts were saggy in the back because of her bad case of no-ass. they barely covered her flabby cellulited beer/crack gut that stuck out further than her flat boobs. she asked to change her shake that was made wrong, which diverted the attention of the cashier which made me wait longer. once i got her attention enough to order we had this little exchange.

in a nasaly mexican accent she says; hello may i help you
me: yea, I'll have a number 3 with uhm...
her: what size, small medium or large?
me: oh, small.. ok so, a #3 with ...
her: with cheese?
me: NO cheese..
her: ok what kind drink?
me: diet.
her: Diet Coke?
me: yea (like they have another kind of diet) no mayonayse, no ketchup and add mustard.
her: ok you have one jumbo jack with cheese and a small diet coke, anything else?
me: NO CHEESE No mayonaise, No ketchup Add mustard.
her: no mayonaise, no ketchup.. anyting else?
me: add mustard
her: ok, you have #3 with cheese, no mayonase no ketchup plus mustard
me: no, NO CHEESE!
her: ok you have one jumbo jack, no mayonayse, no ketchup, no american cheese plus mustard one diet coke one small french fry, anything else?
me: and 2 tacos (yea im a fat ass fuck off)
her: ok [she repeats the order again] and 2 regular tacos anything else?
me: no thats it. (god what a pain in the ass)

then i pay and stuff and while i'm waiting the crack whore's friend comes up who is her physical opposite. she has all the similar negative attributes and attire like a acid washed mini skirt that was fighting to stay buttoned and a tube top that could have been an elasticity experiment, because she was hella fatter and short. she like ran out of breath saying "can i have some BBQ sauce and a raaahhh" stops, takes a breath and tries again in her rhaspy throaty voice, "i need a BBQ sauce and a thing of Ranch" the cashier gestures, and then goes to get her things of BBQ and ranch.. as she walks over this other guy who just ordered yells through the little window "can i have a BBQ too?" and then this really fucked up the cashier chick. she paused. then reached for a BBQ gave it to the guy and then gave the chick a Ranch.. i guess it was too much effort to argue for the slut-beast because i saw her look back at me and the other dude like 'i asked for BBQ too wtf?' but she just turned and went back with her skinny counterpart. after i get my food and I'm thinking to myself i need to learn spanish a mexican family walks in. they have happy spanish banter with the cashier and in spanish ask for an extra fork. i know this because after the exchange he gives him a fork. but i do know enough spanish to know that bańo means bathroom and not fork. but apperantly the genious cashier is retarded in spanish too because instead of giving him a fork she says in spanish (i think) "you want the key for the bathroom?" i heard bańo in there somewhere. and the guy shakes his head and repeats in spanish (probably) "no, i want a fork" he looks back at me and the other dude waiting and says under his breath "¿bańo?" i smiled and nodded in an international gesture that i understand his frustration. then i left.

most of you who've read my previous Jack In the Box adventures probably wonder why i keep going back to a place with such shady client el and incompetent employees. but like i said before, its for pure entertainment purposes. you cant get TV this good. they need a camera there 24-7 to make a reality show about it. who knows what kind of radness goes on in the wee hours of the night. I wonder how many times the cops have been there? its always something.

till next time.


Anonymous said...

That's good shit maynard..good shit.

jimbizzle said...

Gotta love watching the drama unfold!