Mar 30, 2007

my recent thoughts on LOST

here's some of the posts i've posted on the lost message boards yesterday..

i think that while it (last nights episode) does break up the momentum it settles my anger towards what was till last night the most ridiculous line in Lost history "the toilet works"

i think Expose was necessary but opens to many new questions. in particular how much did/does Paulo know about the others. did he use the walkie talkie.

why didnt N&P say anything about the hatch when they found it and especially when Locke took them there. "oh yea we found this place DAAAAAYYZZ ago" but they didnt give a crap and Locke made the swan into this huge deal that took up an entire season of Lost. They knew there was a weird monitoring station on what was suppoesed to be a deserted island WAY early on in the show and didnt think it was a big deal. I guess greed overshadowed any curiosity they might have had. i dont buy it.

this episode also reminded me that no one has asked the others about the Ethan/Claire/Dharma Medical hatch.


did ben/others know what the swan was or did?

if so why would he try to convince Locke that the computer did nothing and stop pushing the button?

if ben knew the ramifactions of the swan implosion do you think he would have had them make return to the island impossible on purpose?


just throwing this out there with absolutely no science to back it but.. could the paralysis prolong their lives while buried?

slower heart rate require less oxygen?

could they be saved if sawyer gets greedy for the diamonds?


"we can always make up some way for you to come back next season." -expose director that N+P killed

"nothing stays buried on this island" -John Locke

and while this doesn't help my they're still alive theory i'll add this

and i'm paraphrasing from memory...
"i was a guest star, they always get killed off" - Nikki


thats about it.

if you want to play, this is where i wasted my whole day yesterday.

i thought this was pretty neat too. i dont know how accurate it is but its still cool. (click for big)


Anonymous said...

the second picture looks like partic swazey.

" no body puts baby in the coner"

Rita said...

I'll be damned, Anja posted my thoughts exactly.

The whole episode, I was thinking that Paulo must be Patrick Swayze's secret love child.

Uncanny resemblance.