Aug 24, 2007

Amy Winehouse is a junkie crack head

yep. figures tho because i kind didn't mind her songs. I liked Modest Mouse until i heard they were junkies too. fucking hell.

i guess her husband found her in a hotel room with a call girl cutting her self and doing heroin. he tried to stop her and then she started attacking him with the razor. drugs are awesome!

but she wont go to rehab, she says no, no, no

fucking dipshits.

anyhoo, now for photo El spectacular de la foto de Viernes.

it wasn't that "fresh"

me and Justin "J-Slim" Phillips at ATT park on tuesday night. (my face looks jacked because i had to photoshop the watermark out of this pic i got off the giants fan pics web page) but fuck its not like you guys dont know what i look like already.

doodle i'm doodlin' on right now.

best seats i've ever had to a game. thanks Garret!

my online buddy, Alex Duke did the illustration for this magazine. I saw it at 510 skateboards and bought it. hella rad.

fun with toys. the red power ranger was more to scale with the skateboard but it's legs didnt bend. fucking cheap piece of shit Chinese toys.

we got to the game early on tuesday to see the best rookie pitcher in baseball signing autographs in the dugout. later Slim got Steve Kline's autograph. good times.

i dont watch south park nearly enough. this shit has had me ROFL the last couple nights. last night was the Alcoholism disease and Virgin Mary bleeding out of her ass episode. followed by a repeat of the classic "goo back future people tookarjobs" episode. fucking genius i tell you.

pure poetry

maybe i shouldnt have said "spectacular" this week's kind of sucked. sorry i am ashamed.

fuck off, see you next week shitties.

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Unknown said...

i went to a Giants game yesterday(my first game at AT&T park) and we had the lamest seats ever. Up in the rafters basically. The best seats are field levels seats, I'm never going that far up ever again.