Aug 31, 2007

Worst Photo Friday Ever.

I'd like to apologize in advance for what could very well be the worst photo friday ever. I just wasnt in it this week. I didnt see much to take pics of or have the opportunity to get pics.

anyway that sucks so i'll tell a story. This morning at Mcdonalds, as i was waiting at the counter for my morning #2 this large black woman with a kick ass, late 80's bobby brown meets nell carter hair doo comes in. She's on the phone and then heaves her self over the counter and yells "Hey?" to the Drive thru lady who's busy filling hashbrown baggies for the long line of cars outside. again i hear "HEY?" and look over. It was hard to tell if she was saying "hey" to the person on the phone or the lady with the drive thru head set on. She finally gets her attention and the drive thru lady politely asks what she needed. the out of breath, on the phone woman I can now see is not only on the phone but 3/4 of the way through a sausage mcmuffin gestures again to the lady. I also notice that she has a huge hunk of egg on her face next to her mouth. not on the edge of her lip, but almost on her chin. She then holds up a Super Gut Buster cup from AM/PM of all places and demands very eloquently "EEHT SPEEALT" ( translation: it spilled) with a huge bite of egg, sausage and muffin in her mouth. some of which you could see as she talked. the drive thru worker looked at her like WTF SPILLED YOU FUCKING SLOB? then again a bit louder and slower she barked "EEEEET SPEEAALLT" and gestured her egg face down to the cup that she at this point had just decided to set on the counter. She now used her extra free hand and arm, along with her huge ass to support herself against the counter. The drive thru lady nodded as to say ok bitch i got it you fucking clumbsy piece of shit either spilled this or you drank it all before you got out of the parking lot and want a refill then the slobzilla calms down a notch and continues to yack on the phone.

I got my shit and left. here's some pics.

this is a pin from the nudist camp my parents go to.

new benicia-martinez bridge opened up finally.


told you it sucked.

about that Idaho politician that said "I'M NOT GAY". its not like he was misunderstood or something. it wasn't some random gay cop that said he tried to proposition him. it was a fucking sting operation set up to catch gay dudes looking for sex in public bathrooms. i highly doubt that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. this dude is a total homo and he got busted. Its like getting popped in a prostitution sting and saying "oh i was just giving her directions to the highway"

why cant these homo fucks just come out of the closet and be gay. oh yea because it goes against ever conservative christian republican agenda. HYPOCRITES!!!!!! stop voting for them.

have a good 3 day weekend. watch out for those public bathroom gay sex sting operations.

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