Aug 3, 2007


so in light of the Minneapolis bridge collapse the paper put out a list of Bay Area bridges that are the same type of bridge construction the one that collapsed is. good to know that the Martinez/Benicia bridge is on the list. I should also point out that a large number of bridges in the Bay Area have been deemed "structurally deficient"

no worries.. heres some fucking photos.

yes, thats a gigantic fucking cat.
they call him mullet mike.. look close you can see the patch of "mullet" black fur on the back of his head.
nice spike

I thought it said DIARYA when i took it. still pretty close tho.

full moon over Vallejo.

i went to the bathroom and there was suds on the floor under and in the toilet.. then i noticed it was in the other toilet and both urinals. very odd.

this was on the mat coming out of Burger King. small ziplock baggie with mysterious white powder strewn about. Cocain? maybe.

and this again because you know you love it.

(PS: a "structurally deficient" rating can be given to a bridge if it needs a paint job, or has a pot hole)

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