Aug 24, 2007

doodletastic madness!

I always have a folded (i dont know why) piece of scratch paper somewhere in arm's reach while i'm working. Some of the software I use takes a long time to load and to complete some functions. so in the down time I doodle. usually its a scattered mess and ends up getting thrown away but the last couple weeks i've tried to keep it all on one page. Ended up actually being 4 pages. In the process i decided to try to make 2 pages continual. Here's the results of this experiment. This is all more or less drawn by hand with a regular ball point pen. yes my hand got sore and i had to teak breaks.

drawing 1. "Java Joes"........drawing 2. "Rain Sucks"
click images for the full size view.

then I optimized them, plopped on some Gallery logos and dropped them into a skateboard template.

they are now for sale on the Gallery Skateboards website.

full javajoes deck image

rain sucks in process