Aug 20, 2007

gra fee tee arty

This guy contacted me a few weeks ago that wants to use my art to laser etch into skateboards. its a pretty cool idea but thats another story. He works for an airline in Denver and gets free plane tickets.

he flew into SF friday and we hooked up. went to this art gallery party thing in the city. art magazine Juxtapoz was accepting art on disks at this event so we brought stuff.

there was some really cool art on display from artists i'd heard of. it was really cool. the place was full of scenesters and there was loud DJ music and a bar. not really my scene. When we pulled up to the place it was in a back alley in SF and the opposite wall was covered in some of the raddest graffiti i'd seen. So after we mingled around and peeped the art we went outside. It was cool. they had famous graffiti artists from all over the world doing live graffiti painting on these panels. The artists were featured in last months Juxtapoz and were the ones that did the killer piece we saw on the wall. they were going to be put inside for some event later on. we started talking with this one graffiti guy named "Arrow". he was from England and his accent sounded just like the Super Nanny. it was rad. made everything he said sound interesting.

here's some horrible phone pix.
the bit on the far right is Arrow's

then i drove the dude from Denver around at like 1am to find a hotel. we couldn't find one so he told me to just drop him off. i guess he wandered the streets all night till the Bart trains started running at 6 am. he said it was the worst night of his life. i kinda felt bad.


ert said...

hey kirk! it was nice to see ya again. sorry it was so hectic and not the best time to chat. send me an email once in awhile. lemme know what's up :) :)

Anonymous said...

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