Aug 6, 2007

The Way the Music Died (music industry FAQ and more)

If you didnt know i also have an Anti Music Industry blog called "BOYCOTT THE MUSIC INDUSTRY" this is my latest update. Thought i'd share it with ya'll.

I guess Frontline did a special on the music industry a couple years ago...this site might be old but it answers a lot of questions i've heard over the years.

questions like,
  • Why do CDs cost so much?
  • How does an artist get a song on the radio?
  • What is the role of independent radio promoters and why is it controversial?
good read.

wow, theres some interviews with artists and music industry people

and theres a lot more stuff i havent really got to dig into yet on the main PBS page for this. Just start digging around.

this is some great stuff!!

theres an interview with Velvet Revolver that speaks volumes.

you can also watch the entire PBS show on this on the site too.

its on my T0-Do list.

FRONTLINE kicks ass.

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