Aug 24, 2007

side effects may include...

So I'm watching TV. As most of you I'm sure have, I notice the high amount of commercials for prescription, and over the counter medication for all kinds of stuff from laxatives to erectile dysfunction pills. making people better is great, but besides the fucked up politics involved with the drug companies. and the constant upgrading and renaming the same old pills and calling it something else just so they can keep the patent on it which makes cheaper generic meds harder to get, they all seem to have something else in common.

They all have crazy assed side effects. You have allergies? our pills will help, so will all the other stuff you've been getting, but this one works better. just watch out for; dry skin, stomach cramps, blurred vision, anal leakage, swollen feet, etc. It gets so bad that why would you even take the drug? I'd rather have allergies, or limp dick than a spastic colon and hair loss.

This isnt just a post about funny side effects. My real question is about the approval process of these drugs. Arent there some kind of standards for letting shit get released? I mean, how many retarded side effects do they allow? To me it seems like if you invented a new drug or whatever and brought it to the FDA for approval... or even in the lab they would keep turning you down until you limited the amount and severity of the side effects. I dunno, i was just thinking that if your new diarrhea medication makes you have leprosy and become a paraplegic , that they would just NOT approve it. "Thanks guys, thats great but your not quite there yet. come back when it doesn't make you bleed from your eyes.

And no i havent seen Sicko yet. I need to tho.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kirk,

You make a completely valid point about the prescription drugs they make. My hubby and I always have a laugh whenever we watch a stupid commercial... Ever seen the one for restless leg syndrome?

An increase impulse for SEX & GAMBLING? Hello!?!?!

I always try to avoid anything that will require me to pop a pill. Even aspirin. I prefer to go to a chiropractor for optimal healthy and/or just be aware of whatever is going on to my body before anything becomes severe.

Its amazing of the politics involved and the greed that eludes the government and pharm companies to seek more natural remedies. Like, um, weed. I'm a big supporter for those who'd prefer to smoke a little reefer to feel a little better. Sad that the feds would rather go after people who are sick and feel better smoking weed than those who produce a pill that make people feel... worse.

I loved how you brought this up.

Kudos to you dude!

jimbizzle said...

Bro... Last night while watching the NFL Network they played the Viagra commercial at EVERY commercial break. It was that one with like 8 dudes having a "jam session" and they clearly are not the ones doing the actually singing. GOD that PISSED me off. OVER and OVER and OVER. I almost punched my TV. (Maybe a little because the 49ers were losing too.)

Fuck taking pills.