Aug 22, 2007

dont fuck with the MTZ!!!

A guy goes to the Wamu ATM on Alhambra Tuesday night around 10:30. (This is the ATM i go to) Gets his cash and as he's going back to his car he gets robbed at gunpoint by some pieces of shit from Richmond and Oakland. They make him empty his account and take his wallet. They get in their car and take off down Highway 4 going back towards Richmond.

Doing what any other hard core Martinezen would do, he got in his car and followed them. Called 911 and relayed the robbers license plate number. They took the McEwen rd. exit, lost control and drove off a cliff killing two of the 3 mother fuckers!!

HAHA HA HA HAH AH AHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karma is a bitch!

story here

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jimbizzle said...

Serves'em right!