Aug 31, 2007


hey shit heads. i changed the look of the noggins slightly. i hope you dont hate it.

also just so this isnt a "hey look i changed the color" post. here's a little con

me: I just missed a major traffic jam this morning
tom: how long does it normally take you to get there?
me: as i came out of the tunnel the traffic report says "major accident, overturned truck etc.. at telegraph ave on hwy 24 west" it takes usually like 40 - 60mins
tom: dude, it probably got real ulgly.
me: anyway, i'm like 3 exits from Telegraph and see no traffic. actually lighter than usual. then i get to College Ave, the exit i take, the one before Telegraph and i see a wall of cars. Now its 8:30 and people are calling into work "I'm gonna be late traffic is backed up to walnut Creek"

tom: (re: the post below this one) Your parents are nudists?
me: yea
tom: That's the best thing ever
me: until they say "you and meg should come 'camping' with us.. its fun and you dont have to be naked if you dont want to"
tom: LOLOL!
me: thats when i chugged a bottle of listerine to get the puke taste out of my throat
tom: Is it a later in life thing, or have they always been into it?
me: started around when my younger brother graduated i think. i didnt realise that "camping" meant the nudist place till like 6 years ago. i dont care really, as long as they are happy.
tom: I could never do it, but I think it's got to be a pretty liberating thing to do.
me: they have some friends they met there and my dad always tells me funny stories and shit about them .. i cant get passed a mental image of them naked sitting around a campfire
tom: I bet! I'd interrupt every story every few minutes with the question, "...and you were naked?"
me: one time i went over to their house after work on a friday.. there was a set of brand new towels on the table.. i asked my mom why she got such cheap towels. they were visibly thinner than usual and from the dollar store or something...

she said "they're just for sitting on"

"sitting on?" i asked...

"yea its a rule at the place we go, you have to carry a towel with you every where so you can use it to sit on"


tom: LOL. Without that rule, you'd be pretty skeeved about every chair, and bench.
me: oh i know.. i got mental pictures of shit stained plastic patio chairs and couch cushions.. of old fat people that cant wipe thier asses good.. and shit stained white towels. and this is why underwear is a good thing your honor, i rest my case.
tom: HAHAHA!!!!

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

I don't hate it, but it is a lot of white.

P.S. LOVE the lego taco! Can I print it out and put it on my fridge?

If I saw that in a store I'd be willing to pay up to $30 for it. Genius!

Perhaps a threadless shirt is in order?