Aug 17, 2007

Parking Weirdness revisited.

they repaved the street i work on last week. this street is a 2 way street with diagonal curb parking along our side of the street. if your coming from Hollis our building is on your right and you pull in as you would like your on the right side of the street. making any sense? anyway, they just painted the parking space lines and they are fucking backwards! the other half of the street still goes the right way so its not as if they meant to make this a one way street. its fucking retarded.

Now there is a sign put up that says you have to back into your spot. thats even more retarded. and the signs are facing you only if your coming in from the direction opposite the direction of the new parking spaces!!!

It might make sense if they are planning to make it a one-way street but theres 5 spaces at the Hollis end of the street that still go the old way but they have the new signs. and the whole rest of the street down at the other end, passed the Oakland border still go the other way. its so fucking stupid.

i dont get it. no one gets it. everyone here thinks its the most stupid idea ever.

I am no where near good enough at backing into a parking space. Plus, my car doesn't have power steering.

I love you Emeryville.. how did you screw this one up?

(if youre reading this again because i reposted it, its because i reposted it. sorry for the rip off post)

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