Aug 10, 2007


thats friday backwards. i'm fucking tired. the sun is rising later and its really fucking me up. I cant wake up in the dark. my body still thinks its night time.

here's some g-damn pictures. sorry if they suck, nothing was interesting this week. i'll try harder next week.

anyway, the beard is in full bloom again...

LOST! JACK! i'm obsessed.

for when secret sauce just wont do.

the best "support the troops" magnet i have ever seen!

SO RAD! have a good weekend. i hope you don't step in shit or stub your toe or anything. that would suck. bye.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

First off, Salad Cream does not sound yummy at all.... and secondly I totally want one of those "Just Pretend It's All Okay" stickers... that is so cool!