Aug 13, 2007

Dear asshole in the 85 Vette

Dear asshole in the 85 Vette, on highway 24 west in Lafayette/Orinda at approximately 6:30AM

you mother fucking cock.

you're driving a high performance sports car. granted it is from the 80's and the paint is faded but why are you going 67mph when every other car in your lane (the fast lane) and every other lane is easily averaging 75mph?!

if your wondering why i'm riding your ass with my high beams on its because you are fucking up traffic. its because theres a 100 car gap between YOU and the cars in front of you.

I cant pass you for a couple reasons. lets see, because the lanes to the right of me are passing us. and because anytime I try to pass you... YOU SPEED UP. oh you fucker. so you can drive faster?.. you're just going slow to piss me off?

i hope you drive your piece of shit faded blue 80's corvette of yesterday off a cliff.

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Symple One said...

I want a skate board with this picture on it!!!!!!!!!! or hell can it be my Xmas card this year!?!?!?! OOOH can you do this to pic of my brother in law!!!! man i love the shit you post!