Jan 22, 2008

2008 Sucks.

i haven't created one piece of art thats worth a shit.

I have no freelance art/graphics jobs lined up.

the gallery where I had all my art on display, closed down.

I haven't sold a skateboard.

I haven't touched a paint brush.

I've had a cold since new years eve.

Meg's going to Law school and quitting her job.

I'm gonna be picking up the slack financially.

I fall when i skate, my body hurts.

I was up late doing homework. more of that in '08

among other things.. 2008 sucks.


2008 aint so great.


jimbizzle said...

You're only 22 days into '08. It can't possibly suck that bad. Can Meg get some fanatical aid for school? Aid that would give her cash for paying bills?

jimbizzle said...

Oh yea... You're new font on your banner sucks too. You should add that to your list.