Jan 8, 2008

Sixth Sense for Real

A&E has a new show thats kinda like Ghost Hunters called Paranormal State. It was ok. While watching, it made me appreciate the way Ghost Hunters investigates. For example, in the ep i saw, the woman complains about a ghost and one of the things is "i hear bells ringing"

The first thing i noticed when they went into the house was a bell hanging outside the front door. like a door bell. TAPS would have been all over this.

Another thing was they bring in this medium guy, who keeps asking questions to the investigator dude, and you can totally tell he's looking for clues all over the place. To the investigator's credit he never gives straight answers. he's really vague which really fucks up fake psychics. Then the psychic says "is there a woman with an M name.. like Margarete?" there wasnt that we knew of. the investigator says "should there be?" nice one! then the medium said theres something out there... and he points to the back yard, which is mostly woods. they search and come across a headstone marked Margarete. the psychic, who looks like Capote, screams like a little girl and exclaims "MARGARET!!" in a tone like "see i told you so" that was pretty rad.

another extra creepy part was that everyone who lived in this remote house had dogs that got run over and killed.

to make a long story short the ghost was a dog i think.

Then, after that paranormal show they had this special about 6th Sense kids. it was really interesting but i fucking fell asleep because it came on at like 12:00

i guess these kids ages like 10 - 17 can see, hear and otherwise sense spirits and dead people. and they all get shunned by friends and its a real thing for them. one girl, the oldest says that she's supressed her ability to see them because it scared her too much but can feel them.

from A&E's site.
In this special spotlighting psychic kids, we will focus on three compelling psychic and/or mediumistic kids (ages 10-17) as they learn to manage the gift they have been given. Like real life "Heroes", these kids feel isolated and alone, set apart from the other "normal" kids because of the burden of their powers. We will meet them at their home, in their own environment, to experience what they are dealing with before they come to a very special three day "camp" that will offer invaluable support and guidance from the professional psychics. Paranormal State psychic Chip Coffey helps these kids through this three day transformational experience.

The Capote looking, psychic guy that was on an ep of that paranormal show brought them all to this cabin in the woods for a retreat so they can share their stories and abilities and not feel like a freak.

at one point they all got in a circle and held hands .. then this one kid said his eyes were watering but he didn't know why. and that he sensed fire or heat.
almost all of the kids all said they felt heat or had the sense of someone burning. later, one of the guys that worked at the camp said that a cabin burned down 2 years ago and killed a couple.

it seemed genuine and they all said different stuff. these kids had been through hell because of their 6th sense. cant sleep, scared all the time.

one girl said she can see things before they happen and some of them have healing powers. The 13yr old girl meets this other kids mom for the first time and does a psychic reading thing and says her knee is bad and describes it as if she can see the actual missing cartilage in her knee and tries to fix it using her energy. she said that she had just figured out how to see into peoples bodies, "like the blood and organs and stuff". Its funny because she's this total blond girly-girl 13 yr old.

it will be on tomorrow at 3amEastern what so like 12 Pacific.... Damn, i wish i didnt fall asleep. I'll try to see it tonite.

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