Jan 8, 2008

I got Lunchjacked!

I brought a Lean Cuisine tuscan chicken panini and an orange in a safeway bag for lunch. I put it in the office fridge like I always do. When i went to go get it and nuke it there was a surprise waiting for me.

i guess the new chick (secret santa) had a Lean Cuisine Pizza and a piece of fruit in a safeway bag and took mine. and cooked it. and ate it. and knew it.. there was a post-it on the pizza saying sorry it was a mistake. I'm not trying to accuse anyone of foulplay but how far into a chicken panini do you have to get before you realise its not a pizza.

So, nevertheless, I was nice and took the pizza ... same difference right?

WRONG.. a shitty mushroom gourmet pizza is NOT a chicken Tuscan panini!
i hate mushrooms and thats all it was. mushrooms and cheese on flatbread. no sauce. so when i cooked it, it was just mushroom juice and cheese and gross mushshrooms. Despite the smell, i took a bite and almost puked...then threw it away.

to add insult to injury, my orange was rotten on one side. so i guess i'm having Stride Sweetmint chewing gum for lunch.

fucking sucks. This was my first lunchjacking.

PS: new chick, if somehow you're reading this, It really wasn't a big deal and I dont hate you. but you owe me some chicken panini.

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